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2021 Registration Form
(8 1/2 x 11 landscape format, and includes
scholarship guidelines.
Please print in landscape mode)

NEW for 2021:
Online Registration

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Keystone CFO Registration

Registration can be accomplished by downloading the registration form, printing it out, then mailing in the completed form along with your check for the appropriate amount. See link in the left sidebar.Registration

The forms downloaded here are Adobe Acrobat documents (pdf documents) and will require either the free Adobe Acrobat reader or equivalent to view the document.  This generic reader seems to work well, and you may prefer it anyway (the Adobe version is larger and likes to update itself frequently).


Keystone CFO Distribution list:   

If you or a child or relative may attend CFO, this year or in the future, we encourage you to sign up on this distribution list, as it affords us a quick and free method to communicate with you.  This list is very secure and spammers cannot hijack it - your name/address are secure and will not be made available under any circumstances to third parties, and in fact, Registration at CFOaddresses on the list cannot be determined even by other recipients of such a message.  Distribution of messages to this list is also tightly controlled, each message requiring prior approval for distribution. 

The Captcha code routine at the very bottom is to keep spammer robots from signing up, i.e., to verify that you are a human(!).  Click on the speaker to the right of the code and the characters will be read out loud, or click on the refresh icon for a new code which may be easier to read. Your code entry is not case-sensitive.  Under Remarks in the form, your location (city-state) will be appreciated. 

Please also note that upon submitting the form you will receive an automated response from the server almost immediately, intended to confirm a couple of things: 1) that the email address provided is valid, and 2) that you really meant to add your email address to the list.   Very important - read the first several lines of this confirming email very carefully, as action on your part is required to actually have your address added - as the message will say, the easiest thing to do is simply reply to the message, and that takes care of it.  Upon your email address being added to the list, the server will send you an email confirming that action.

Important note: Having received several "spammer" signups recently, all should be aware that, as stated in the very first paragraph above, signups for this distribution list go directly to the webmaster who personally verifies the validity of each signup.  Non-valid signups are deleted and not added to the list.   As part of the anti-spam effort, please note the request regarding Remarks.  Being included on this distribution list won't help a spammer anyway, because the email addresses of other recipients do not show.   This list is "spam proof!"



Distribution List Signup Form

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