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A Christian family retreat experience 
Freedom Memorial Park, Millersville, PA
July 31, 2021


The Keystone CFO Scholarship Fund is established to provide the opportunity for individuals to attend Keystone CFO regardless of their ability to pay. This is subject to the limits of the fund and after prayerful consideration of the scholarship chairperson(s).

The Scholarship Fund is primarily intended to cover all or a portion of room and board expenses. All campers are asked to pay the registration fee. In cases where a camper cannot do so because of financial constraints, the registration fee may be paid out of the scholarship fund at the discretion of the scholarship chairpersons. This must be stated along with the scholarship request.

There is no cost for the Keystone CFO 2021 day event.


For certain circumstances additional information may be needed. Please review this list to determine where to obtain applicable forms:

Special Dietary needs (due to Medical condition / Food Allergies)
Special dietary needs can be addressed by the Dining Services Office   (717.766.2511, ext. 7223), or visit
Dining Services requires those with special needs to complete a documentation form 30 days prior to arrival.
Please note that there is a 10% surcharge for special diets that cannot be met by current offerings in the Lottie Nelson Dining Hall.

Parental consent for children/youth under 19
Individuals under the age of 19 attending Keystone CFO who are NOT accompanied by Praise & Worshiptheir parent(s)/guardian(s) MUST have a parental consent form indicating who will be responsible for her/him during camp. This form MUST be signed by the parent/guardian and submitted to the registrar at or before camp. Please request a form when you submit your registration form.   You may download this form via this link.

Discount Voucher Application (first-time campers who commit to attend the Writing Creative)
Visit for more information.

ADA Accommodations / Physical Limitations for which you need special accommodation
If a CFO camper needs special ADA Accommodations, the College will be glad to assist in finding local resources. If it requires equipment or services that Messiah College Conference Services does not currently own or offer, all costs will be at the expense of the camper. Please contact the assigned Conference and Event Coordinator. BaptismService Animals (dogs or miniature horses, trained for a specific task) - are permitted on campus as stated by the ADA in the Policy on Service Animals. A copy of this policy may be obtained from the Conference & Events Services Office. Therapy animals are not permitted on campus.

The Association of Camps Farthest Out, Inc. provides additional information for CFO Camps and Campers. Visit

Please send your completed registration form with registration fee along with scholarship request (if applying for scholarship) to:

Ron Hanna
318 Hawthorn Dr.
Lancaster, PA  17603

phone: 570-239-4546